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1st Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Translational Geroscience Network

September 05-06, 2024, Montréal, Canada
The Canadian Translational Geroscience Network is thrilled to present its inaugural scientific meeting, an event aimed at fostering dynamic exchanges among academics, industry stakeholders, healthcare professionals, and individuals interested in promoting longevity and healthy aging. This meeting will embrace a translational approach, bridging laboratory research with practical applications in clinical and community settings.

Past events

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The Cafés Scientific

The ''Cafés Scientifique'' are the result of a grant obtained by the CIHR - Institute of Aging. These events allow seniors to engage with healthcare professionals including doctors, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and nutritionists on osteoporosis and sarcopenia. We had the opportunity to organize 5 ''Cafés Scientifique'' and welcomed the following panelists:

- November 17th, 2023: Dr. José A. Morais
- November 23rd, 2023: Dr. Tevy Chan
- November 26th, 2023: Dr. Gustavo Duque
- November 29th, 2023: Dre. Suzanne Morin
- March 12th, 2024: Dre. Tevy Chan



October 06-07, 2023, Montréal, Canada
This conference facilitated exchanges between academics, industry, and health consumers with a shared interest in developing strategies to extend human lifespan and promote healthy aging. The translational nature of this conference included a bench-to-bedside and community approach. This was the first of two meetings on geroscience held in Canada in October 2023 to facilitate the discussion on various tools and strategies that had been or were being validated aimed at extending healthy lifespan and understanding the mechanisms of aging from biological, clinical, and social perspectives.

First Canadian Conference on Translational Geroscience

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First Canadian Conference on Translational Geroscience


The Cafés Scientifiques

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