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Our Activities

Our four main units coordinate multiple research initiatives that are translating research into practice.

Our core programs/units include:

Virtual Care & Supportive Homes

Hospital@home, connected health record (OROT), artificial intelligence, apps, telemedicine, virtual assistant technologies & wearables.


Big Data and Predictive Analysis to Promote Healthy Aging

QI analyses, program evaluation, machine learning, diagnosis, and biomarkers.


Community Liaison & Education

Falls and fracture liaison programs and ministerial plan for Alzheimer’s Diseases The Centre organizes educational activities for family physicians, health consumers, and caregivers.


Autonomy, Mobility & Independence

Gyms for seniors in the community (Duragyms), Seniors Exercise Parks, home exercise (web-based programs), and nutrition interventions.


Developed by the Geriatric Division of Medicine at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) in collaboration with Schouela CEDurable, safe is a series of exercise videos with one goal – to improve your quality of life. The prevention of falls, as well as overcoming the fear of falling, is a big part of that. safe will help make you feel stronger and more confident.

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