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Positive aging, optimal health, and active life

Simone & Edouard Schouela RUISSS McGill Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Health of Seniors (Schouela CEDurable)

About the Centre

The Simone & Edouard Schouela RUISSS McGill Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Health of Seniors (Schouela CEDurable) is a Centre of Excellence that focuses on the implementation of multiple well-validated interventions to improve the health and well-being of our seniors in the regions covered by the Réseau Universitaire Intégré de Santé et Services Sociaux (RUISSS) McGill.

The Centre aims to translate research evidence into policy, support, underpin and disseminate research programs that work and keep seniors mobile and enjoying life.

Our Partners

Our foundational partners include RUISSS McGill, the Division of Geriatric Medicine at McGill University (McGill University Health Centre and Jewish General Hospital), the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, and the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest of Montreal.

We also partner with the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest, Quebec Ministry of Health, Quebec Alzheimer’s Disease plan, NGOs, municipalities and industry.

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Our Activites

Our activities focus on implementing evidence-based supported interventions that have demonstrated their effectiveness from research studies but that require implementation in real life in our communities. We translate great ideas into great strategies.

To successfully deliver our programs, we have grouped our activities into four main units that cover multiple areas such as health care & health service delivery, autonomy, mobility & independence, cognitive health, healthy lifestyle, wellness, supportive homes & communities and staying connected.


Virtual care & supportive homes

Hospital@home, connected health record (OROT), artificial intelligence, apps, telemedicine, virtual assistant technologies & wearables.


Community Liaison & Education

Falls and fracture liaison programs and ministerial plan for Alzheimer’s Diseases The Centre organizes educational activities for family physicians, health consumers, and caregivers.


Big Data and Predictive Analysis to Promote Healthy Aging

QI analyses, program evaluation, machine learning, diagnosis, and biomarkers.


Autonomy, Mobility & Independence

Gyms for seniors in the community (Duragyms), Seniors Exercise Parks, home exercise (web-based programs), and nutrition interventions.

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